Sale Deed Total Expenses and Fee

There are three point where you need to Pay

1. Advocate Fee

2. E-Stamp

3. Sub Registrar Fee

Sale Deed Expenses
Dehradun Property Advocate Anil Chauhan

Advocate Fee Includes

a) Title Search Report.

b) Obtained Certified Copies of Chain Documents ( if Required ).

c) Agreement to Sell on Final Terms and Condition.

d) Sale Deed Draft based on Chain Documents.

e) Registration on Portal & Fix appointment with Registrar Office.


If Purchaser is a Lady Stamp duty is 3.75% & for Man's 5% of Consideration Value

( % Values Varies from State to State) of either on Sale Deed Consideration or on Government Value which one is greater.

Sub Registrar Registration Fee Dehradun Uttarakhand

Its 2% on less then Rs.12,50,000/- of the Consideration Amount and

above max to Rs.25,000/-

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