Property Purchase Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Mar 19

Before Agreement to Sell

Below are the Steps for a Safe Property Purchase

  1. See the seller physical original title deed or registry and if not available ask for no objection certificate( where mortgagor declares "no objection for sale in part or whole" on its letter head ) and list of document if its mortgage with Bank.

  2. Mutation Paper khata khatoni or Nagar Nigam Mutation Order Copy or Assessment and latest Tax Receipt.

  3. Ask for photocopy of every Chain Document and check with your Advocate for Title Search Report or Legal.

  4. In case of land purchase, Demarcation and measurement should be must.

Their Could be Numbers of reasons to deviate from the above basic steps

  1. Don't rely on dealer words, rely only on documents and Authorized dealer having Power of attorney in respect of the title.

  2. Never put your earnest money before agreement or on the name of property documents disclosers.

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